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Q. Does Carleton partake in International assignments?



A. Yes,We have worked with MNC in the pass based in    Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand .

Q. How does Carleton undergo its search process?

    A. Our search process is explained in the tab under "What We            Do" .


Q. Can I have a look at Carleton's current search assignment?

    A. We do provide it upon request.



Q. Benefit of Submitting CV to Carleton's site?

     A. Submitting CV to us allow us to update candidates with             current job market with a wide range of industries.


Q. Candidates Private and Confidential details?

     A. We do not share candidates CV or any personal detail                unless it is with their consent .


Q. Can I take a look at the list of companies Carleton works with?

     A. We are only able to reveal the clients name upon receiving        candidates CV.

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